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HaveTheLastWord.Org was conceived by John Josserand and designed by Jesse Josserand. We believe that folks would like to be able to say to those they leave behind, all the "things unsaid" due to distance, time, or whatever other reason. Thus, this site was born!

Let Us Help You Leave Your Own Words For Those You Wish To Speak To Upon Your Passing.

Video, Audio, and/or Textual Formats Available.

We offer paid members three packages for use of our site

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Basic Membership Package

Our Basic Membership Package allows you to upload to or create video media or audio media on our site. You can, also, upload video or audio media. In addition, you can upload 2 documents (that could be letters, a last will and testament, etc.), and you can use our photobooth app to take pictures which are available online for viewing. Only those you specify will have access to your media and documents. With the Basic Package you can create 1 video online, upload 1 video created offline, create 1 audio file online, upload 1 audio file created offline, and upload 2 documents. Videos are limited to 1 minute in length. This package includes a private directory structure named with your username used at registration time. We provide free hosting for your media, free storage for your media, and free backup of your media.

Upgrade Membership Package

The Upgrade Membership Package provides everything the Basic Membership Package provides with less limitation. It allows you to have your own private website with your own unique subdomain name plus hosting, storage, and backups, all provided by us. This includes your choice of any of our many backgrounds and video animations for use on your site. No audio/video file size nor recording length limitations. No extra charge for the subdomain name, the hosting, nor the backgrounds and video animations we provide. Create up to 3 videos online (3 minutes in maximum length). Upload up to 3 videos created offline. Create up to 3 audio files online. Upload up to 3 audio files created offline. Upload up to 3 documents of your choosing (will, mortgage, letters, etc.). Only those specified will have access to your media and you can specify what media is viewable by which viewer/user.

All-In-One Membership Package (Best Value!)

In addition to everything you get with the Upgrade Membership Package, the All-In-One Package has no limitation on the number of created and uploaded audio and video files, no video nor audio file size limitations, and no limitation on the number of documents uploaded. This package gives you a private top level domain name, hosting, unlimited storage, and website templates should you desire more than our large number of animated backgrounds and video clips you can use. This package, also, comes with an email server. This allows you to have messages, in the form of emails, delivered over time, once or on a schedule to whomever you choose. Delivery can be to one or to a group of people. This package comes with all site setup (handled by us), backups, and SiteLock site security. You can, also, add an SSL certificate for additional security for an additional $14/month or $165 per year.

About Us

HaveTheLastWord.Org was conceived by John Josserand and designed by Jesse Josserand.

We believe that folks would like to be able to say to those they leave behind, all the "things unsaid" due distance, time, or whatever other reason. Thus, this site was born.

Have The Last Word is a family-owned company. We advocate the concept of smart ideas. We are Technology Weirdos that may also wail on stringed or reeded instruments from time to time. The spirit of HTLW is to foster the showing of true feelings between people that transcends the Life/Death boundary. We feel that the simple fact that you cared enough to take the time to write or say something special "to me" beyond your Earth time is a true enough indication of our relationship.

Please use this site with that spirit in mind and have the last word with your friends and loved ones.

Through this, and our many other websites, we offer many options for taking control of your own funeral, by providing wonderful messages to those you leave behind that they will appreciate all their lives. Our creators have been in the IT business since 1971 and in the website and database business since 1996. They've done website and application design, programming, database design and administration, marketing, sales, led companies, and more. Let us help you create something that will help people remember you with love for many years after you're gone. Say those things you would have said before, if you could have. Give advice. Repent and confess things you did or said that you feel badly about. Tell someone how much you've always loved them. Provide information that will help someone else in their life... These are all just suggestions. Our site is unique and our hope is that it will reduce mourning and increase love and appreciation for all involved.

Are You Ready To Get Started? Click here to choose a plan and try things out for 30 days, no credit card required. Click here to get your 30-Day FREE Trial! You can test out the site for a month. No need to cancel if you do not want to continue, but if you do, then go back to this page to choose a plan, and keep whatever content you produced during your trial!

You'll never regret it!

“It becomes a miraculous phenomenon when you see a loved one come back from the grave, as it were, because they took the time to think ahead, with love, about you!”
- John Josserand, CEO, HaveTheLastWord.Org

Your "RECORD, PLAY, & SAVE" Personal Media Vault

Vault Service

HaveTheLastWord, Inc. offers a vault service designed to enrich your life and that of those you leave behind. We offer an effortless, safe, convenient, and easy way to record online or upload your media files for later viewing by those you designate after you've moved on to a better place. Your data is secure with us (https/SSL) and only accessible by you and your executor. If you're a paid member, then at an appropriate time, those you designate for access to certain content have such access at the time you specify, for how long you specify, and only to that content you specify. Free members cannot designate unique access, but can designate an executor and a time to release content time to the public or a particular group.

Data Backups

We provide data backup for paid members (storage fees apply based on amount of data). Content can be specified as "ok to download" for certain registered users you specify, as well (additional fee for this feature).

All content backed up can be designated for final delivery after a specified amount of time has passed beyond the creator's passing. The amount of time we hold the data prior to final delivery can be varied and cost depends on the plan you choose, and/or the length of time time to be held. Additional hosting and/or storage fees may apply.

Access Anytime - Record, Play & Save Anywhere

Wherever you are, at any time of day or night, on whatever device you're using (phone, tablet, laptop, PC, desktop), you can use our services online. We offer some awesome recording and editing tools offline, as well (for audio and/or video).

We offer a simple-to-use web-interface for online recording of videos.

Access from Any Devices

Whether you are using a PC, notebook, tablet or mobile phone... using just a browser, you can use our services.


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